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ЭлЭс Эмтрон 

About LS Mtron


Open for business since 1969 in Korea with 3500 employees. LS Mtron exports 60 percent of its products.

LS Mtron wants to grow into a company that provides Leading Solution and be a place where its employees can achieve their dreams. All employees of LS Mtron stand behind the vision of becoming “Inovative Technology Partner” and are doing their best to make LS Mtron a “world – class company in this global age”.


Injection Molding System - LS Mtron’s injection molding machines are recognized for their precision, quick cycle times, reliability and energy efficiency. Based on technical expertise that has led the ingection molding machine industry in Korea for past 40 years. LS Mtron’s Injection Molding System Division produces 30~4,500 ton injection molding machines. With a new control method, the high-efficiency, environment-friendly 30~4,500 ton injection molding machines produce precision components at higher speed and with less energy than existing hydraulic machines.


Tractor – The Tractor Division of LS Mtron is making every effort in research, development and active overseas marketing. LS Mtron is growing into a global brand for farm equipment. LS Mtron received an order for tractors worth USD mil from the U.S. due to its exellent quality and design, LS Mtron tractors are becoming increasingly popular in the U.S. and European markets. Tractor operations grow by more than 30% in the overseas markets every year. LS Mtron is becoming a global tractor manufacturer due to its expanded investment in manufacturing facilities, technology development and talent cultivation.