MC Shemer 


MC Shemer 

Международная преуспевающая фирма, специализирующаяся на предоставлении частных медицинских услуг.

SHALOM - You have chosen very well!

While searching for the best solution to your medical situation, you did the proper thing to address us. Our professional staff is at your service 24/7, aiding you in finding excellent medical assessment, care, treatment and service, at a reasonable cost. Another great advantage is uniquely Israeli – we speak almost every language, since we are a young country populated with immigrants from many countries throughout the world.

Israeli medical facilities are recognized throughout the world as a leader in the science of medicine and the  quality of medical care and service. The SHEMER group has a history of involvement with and is connected to the best hospitals throughout Israel. Choosing SHEMER guarantees your patient the best medical team as well as the best possible facility for his/her medical condition.
Additionally, your patient and his / her travel companion has the opportunity to visit the Holy Sites during their stay in Israel, the land considered the most awesome of all places by the three monotheistic religions. 
Now let us coach you through the maze of medical expressions and terms. To begin, click on the title of the medical information you desire, or use the search engine by typing a key word (disease, organ etc.), and the information is clearly delivered. For further professional details click on the button below each section.

In order to be practical and accurate – in relevant sections there is a separate entry regarding children's health.

Thank you for choosing us, and in case you have any question you couldn't find the answer for – please contact us via e-mail. You will receive a prompt reply.